For implementation of Summer Camp Initiative 2016, a joint and collaborative venture of Edifiers Youth Network (EYN), Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar, and Secondary & Elementary Schools Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a Training of Trainers was arranged for volunteer youth members of EYN at Institute of Management Sciences Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Training Objectives

The overall objective of the training was to build the capacity of the volunteers on practical application of delivering a training to young souls. The aim of the activity was to instill the spirit of voluntarism among youth.

The objective was achieved through a few lectures, practical demonstrations and discussions. In addition, the Edifier Youth Network (EYN) provided the participants with materials in the form of manuals, schedule and program outline.

Training Participants

The training attracted seventy participants from D.I Khan, Kohat, Charsadda, Mohmand Agency, Nowshehra, and Peshawar, reflecting the interest in the education of the province.

Training Outline

The program for the workshop is given in the support material given at the bottom of this post. The major concepts addressed within the five sessions of the program included:

Session I: Introductory Presentation
This session dealt with introduction and discussed the program schedule along with manuals.

  • Getting to know each other- Hello, pleased to meet you
  • Story Sharing- Interesting things.
  • Three things about your school that you take pride in.
  • Three things you hope to achieve in the next five years.
  • Performance: I am, I wish,
  • Jumping Jacks- Apart, Together -Together, Apart
  • Jump-in, Jump-out: Say What I Say & Do What I Say!

Session II:
The topics discussed are:

  • Citizenship Basics.
  • Create & Present 1 minute speech: Tell us about your habit of giving something like your time, toys, books etc. to others.
  • Performance: Right & Responsibilities, Teach Children Respect- Group Activity, “They Don’t Realise Why it’s wrong. You do”.
  • Group Exercise: Tell us “What adults can learn from kids?

Session III:
The session was concerned with the following:

  • Join the race to make the world a better place- Making Groups.
  • Save Water, Save Life- Group Activity (2 persons/group).
  • Using Energy Saving Bulbs- Activity.
  • Poems: “Rubbish belongs in the rubbish bin”.
  • Group Exercise: Keep the Earth Clean, and “Tell us how you can contribute towards a clean & green environment.’

 Session IV:
This session included an introduction of the painting activities such as:

  • I Paint- Making Groups.
  • Paint whatever comes to your mind- Individual
  • Group Activity: 4 persons each group.
  • Themes: No Spitting, Earth Day & Peace.
  • Let’s have Fun: “Painting with balloons”.
  • Art Exhibition for kids at the end of the session.

Session V:
The session dealt with:

  • Tell us how you wash your hands.
  • Teach them how to wash hands properly, Sing ABC song while washing hands.
  • Activity- How to use a tissue, Covering Mouth when coughing.
  • Application of Personal hygiene tools/products: Soap, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Deodorant, Hair Care Products.
  • Tips for good personal hygiene.

Session VI:
The session was concerned with the following:

  • Peace song.
  • Performance: Kids Creating Peace (5 kids in each group), Activity: How to give respect to each other; Similarities & Differences.
  • Take 3 minutes and talk about the conflict that you have resolved recently.
  • We can be Peacemakers (Group Activity), Identify a Peacemaker in the group.
  • Peace Pause Game – Quiet kids in 10 seconds.

Official Opening of the Training

The Associate Professor of Institute of Management Sciences, Ms. Zainab Azmat, formally opened the training session. She outlined the objectives and perspectives of the training and then facilitated the introduction of all those present for the training. She also introduced the external facilitator Mr. Junaid Yadgar and Mr. Muhammad Uzair from University of Peshawar.

In her remarks, she addressed all the participants that the aim of this training session is not only to train them in the best way possible but also to retain them so they won’t get bored. The activities are designed in such a way that it will provide an opportunity to the kids to enhance their knowledge. It will also help the volunteers to develop and heighten their training skills in the education sector.

Mr. Muhammad Uzair and Mr. Junaid Yadgar also addressed the opening session and program manuals. Ms. Zainab Azmat thanked all the volunteers for their significant help in determining the location, the participants, and the resources for the workshop. She remarked the considerable efforts of Institute of Management Sciences in the provision of excellent facilities. Ms. Zainab Azmat concluded by thanking the participants for committing in this way to support progress in the knowledge of the kids, community and province.

Support Material

Support material for the training modules are given below: