Edifiers Youth Network is growing faster than ever! After Mohmand and Peshawar chapters, EYN expanded to Khyber Agency after its formal inauguration ceremony. Team KC [Khyber Chapter] understands the value of proper planning, and believes that to be the key to their success. They had been arranging meetings for almost 3 months to get the perfect team together and be clear about how they are going to go about it. Now, after choosing the perfect place came the perfect time for the proper launch of Khyber Chapter.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Iqra Model School, Jamrud Khyber Agency on 11th December 2016. Team KC did a splendid job with organizing the event, they raised funds from within the team and some EYN members contributed as well. Everything went smooth and according to plan.They invited Haji Khan Shaid, a local politician from Khyber Agency, to be the chief guest for the ceremony and he gladly accepted.

The ceremony formally started when stage secretary Said Nazir (Team Leader Communication) took the stage and requested a Hafiz-E-Quran to recite a Surrah. After that he requested Junaid Yadgar to come forward and share his thoughts. Junaid Yadgar [Adviser Management EYN] talked giving youth their identity back. “The objectives and values of EYN go parallel with our religious, cultural, national and social norms. We want our youth to know themselves, where they come from, and have a clear purpose in life.” Then Mr. Saad Afridi [Team Leader Finance, EYN] who is a student of Institute of Management Studies and President of Afridi Student Federation talked about youth engagement and the need for political awareness, specially the youth of FATA. Following that, Mr. Shah Nawaz [Senior Team Leader] an esteemed social worker talked about the role of youth in economic development and of empowering youth by providing them training centers which would give them skills and jobs. Finally, the chief guest Haji Khan Shaid, a politician who has always been an active youth advocate, took the stage and talked about the importance of such initiatives. “Almost 64% of the population of Pakistan is below the age of 30. This bulge is a hug problem for our country but wait! Is there a way by which we can transform this weakness into a strength?! Yes, there is. It’s platforms like Edifiers Youth Network.” After the speeches, Haji Khan Shaid proceeded to cut the ribbon for the office of EYN Khyber Chapter wished everyone the best of luck and promised to support Edifiers Youth Network.

Lastly, the tea was served and ideas were shared with regard to betterment of the community. After completing the memberships for Khyber, the team gave one form to Haji Khan Shaid to fill as well. He gladly accepted and became the role model for the youth of Jamrud, Khyber Agency.