What is Edifiers Youth Network?

Edifiers Youth Network is a network of young people and their advocates, and youth-based and led  organizations working synergistically towards positive youth development, empowerment and engagement, and community development


What do we aim to achieve

Edifiers Youth Network aims to materialize its vision thorug a set of eight  objectives covering advocacy, network structure, awareness raising, information sharing, support to youth based organizations, and partnerships and collaborations. 


What do we value?

Our values and principles inspire our aspirations, guide our actions, reflect our culture, and drive our persofrmance. We aspire to live by and up to them in all that we do – individually, in teams or in collaborations or partnerships with others. 

What is our community made up of?

We cherish our large and diverse community. Youth at the core of our community, whereas Campus Ambassadors, Youth Advocates, and Advisers collectively makes up the guidance and support system for them. Our community also includes our collaborating and partner youth based organizations, supporters, and sponsors.   

How do we organize our selves?

What makes Edifiers Youth Network unique is its structure that replicate administrative setup of a tribal Agency or FR or a settled district across different levels. Our chapters at Agency or FR or district level, Youth Councils at Tehsils level, and Youth Committees at community or village level serves a natural points for our community to organize.  

Want to be part of our community?